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Current updates with 3D PRINTING in Design & Manufacturing - Digital Manufacturing - A Game Changer


3D Printing is coming of age and beginning to disrupt manufacturing--from design and development to production. From the printing of jet engine parts to soccer cleats, the technology is being hailed as a revolution for and more products will be developed, produced…and even sold. Manufacturers—from small job shops to multinational industrial products firms—are crossing the threshold from tinkering with prototypes to the production of final products.3D Printing has the potential to shrink supply chains, save product development times and increase customization offerings to changing customers with expectations that products be tailored to their preferences and needs. Indeed, 3D Printing has arrived on the factory floor and into R&D.

What this means for designers: As 3D printing spreads to the masses, the need for quality design to print will be greater than ever. The production of designs is getting more efficient. Thanks to the accessibility and speed of 3D printing, companies can create small batches of new design quickly, test them, and adjust accordingly — without wasting valuable time or money in larger-scale tests. As a result, production is becoming more efficient. What’s more, designers are getting more opportunities to refine and improve their original concepts.

With the current Global economic situation, the question in every manufacturer’s mind is, “How do we stay competitive?” The answer to that question is digital manufacturing. Digital manufacturing is becoming a major element of product life-cycle management (PLM).

It’s the process by which companies can define and optimize manufacturing processes, Manage manufacturing data, and encourage collaboration between different types of engineers by incorporating both digital and plant product definitions.

DIGITAL MANUFACTURING IS THE FUTURE - 3D Printing Technology with Design & Manufacturing has set the trend of Digital manufacturing, which is a Game Changer for and the technology of the future.

Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions have recognized the opportunity of introducing this technology with leaders, initiators, influencer and makers from design and manufacturing participate and share the wisdom on a platform title – 3D PRINTING WORLD – THINK BOARD where the expert opinion will knowledge will translating to business.

Topics of interest in the 3D Printing World – Think Board Design & Manufacturing.

  • 3D Printing
  • Scanners and scanning tools
  • Materials
  • Software and Modeling tools
  • Latest version in 3D printing Software
  • New Material and it’s dynamics
The event will be deliberated on key points with Questions to be answered –
  • How is the Manufacturing industry using the 3-D printing technology? What is the level of awareness?
  • 3D printing a potential game changer for the Manufacturing & Design sector.
  • Mass production in metals – Material Science with R & D - Challenges & opportunities.
  • 3D printing - An efficient and reliable tool for the Designer Community supporting manufacturing.
  • How do we support the SME who are in the 3D printing manufacturing business? A Road map to be well designed.
  • How can MAKE IN INDIA an initiative by the Government of India support 3D printing to facilitate the Growth trajectory of the nation.
  • 3D Printing the prefect tool to recognize Design with efficiency to support manufacturing to promote DESIGN IN INDIA – A Prelude for discussion.
  • Is this the right time we have a course structure to ensure colleges and Institutes implement the learning in their Curriculum for Students - A Right approach to educate the next Generation tuned to the technology – Ensuring skills and talent for Human resource which will help 3D Printing Manufacturing Technology to grow for Supporting Conventional Manufacturing across sectors.
  • How viable and cost effective it is? Efficiency and reliability on a long run. Will it support the Initial cost made?

Event Flow

Time Program
9.00 am - 9.30 am Registration & Networking
9.30 am - 9.35 am Welcome address by the Organizer –TMMS
9.35 am - 9.40 am Inauguration by Chief Guest
9.40 am - 9.45 am Welcome address by the Presenting Sponsor
9.45 am - 10.30 am First Session - Digital Manufacturing - Efficiency, Reliability & Speed
10.30 am – 10.45 am Q & A
10.45 am – 11.00 am Presentation by the Presenting Partner
11.00 am - 11.15 am Tea & Coffee break
11.15 am - 12.00 pm Work Shop by senior experts
12.00 pm - 12.15 pm Q & A
12.15 pm – 12.25 pm Presentation by the Technology Partner
12.25 pm - 12.45 pm Q & A
12.45 pm - 1.30 pm Lunch over Networking
1.30 pm Closing the event

Event Date :17th , Nov 2017

Event Venue:Hyatt Regency, Near International Airport, Mumbai

Who should attend ?
Manufacturing Cos., Designers, 3D Printing Experts, Material Co.s & Software.


Mr. Suresh Sethi

Mr. Suresh Sethi has built a unique and extensive track record in design, innovation and brand leadership. Suresh believes that beauty creates desire and designers are critical in the creative economy. He works consistently to align creative process with business, and for him key to innovation lies in consumer brand experience.

Suresh is the Vice President, Whirlpool Design, Asia and member of global design management team. In this role he leads total design portfolio for Food Stream Solutions, Fabric Care, Air, Water and Cooking. He spends equal time in Shanghai and Gurgaon where the Whirlpool Asian Design offices are located.

He is a product designer and started his career at Philips Consumer Electronics in 1982, creating successful products in lighting, consumer electronics and home appliances. He went on to establish his own consultancy studio where he collaborated with some of the leading global companies.

Till recently Suresh was an Associate Professor, at School of Art, Design and Media Nanyang Technological University. He held the position of the Director of NTU-Domus Academy Program and the Acting Chair of the School. Formerly Sethi was a tenured professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Industrial Design Centre, Mumbai, India.

He has been appointed by the Government of India as a member of India Design Council and is on the panel of jury for India Design Mark.

He has been on the Advisory Committee of Urban Heritage Conservation, Mumbai and was honored to be on the ICSID roster of Design Advisors.

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